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ONE EARTH is a 2-D side-scrolling tower defense space adventure simulator in which you control a mech piloting the Earth towards its last best hope of survival—a wormhole to a distant star system. Beset on all sides by swarms of hideous insectoid aliens determined to ravage our fragile ecosystem, you stand alone as one savior determined to protect it against all odds and reach safe haven.

One Team is:

-Riley Miller: design and programming
-Jimmy Satterfield: programming
-Ben Schwab: programming
-Gary Culkins: art
-Jonathan Gibson: music and sound effects

Controller recommended. Move with the left stick (or WASD),
Place Turret: x or lmb
Remove turret: y or rmb
Open/close menu: start or escape

Run around in one mech suit placing one type of tower with variants based on where it is placed

Forest: default turret
Desert: solar
Ocean: oil platform
Mountain: homing rockets

Turret Groups:
3+: Laser battery: turns on and off at regular intervals on 50% of the time, aims straight up, hits all enemies in a line

Boost: lasers are on ⅔rd of the time

2: Shield: protects wide area, goes down and burns out once dealt damage enough time

Boost: cover wider area and take an additional hit

Turret below other turret: generator boosts nearby towers

Boost: affects wider area


OneEarth.zip 46 MB

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